SMARTReview is the appraisal industry’s first on-demand appraisal QC and Underwriting service.

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Just upload the report and get the findings in an easy-to-use interface.

SmartReview, powered by ACITM, gives lenders, AMCs, and appraisers the ability to automate the appraisal QC and underwriting process.


  • Rule libraries include lender specific underwriting guidelines – just turn them on
  • Rules can be grouped by severity – making it easy to create “hard stops” and/or warnings at the time of submission
  • Create custom workflows based on Loan Type, Form Type and/or CU Score
  • Supports multiple report formats (PDF, ACI XML, MISMO XML)
  • Generates ENV reports on the appraiser’s behalf


  • Reduces QC and underwriting time and cost
  • Improves appraisal quality and reduces risk
  • Gain valuable insight into the quality and performance of your vendors
  • Can be utilized for pre-purchase reviews by correspondent lenders that offer delegated underwriting
  • Utilize review results to drive AMC and/or Appraiser selection without having to spend hours running reports or building scorecards


SmartReview ensures compliance with regulatory guidelines, including GSE underwriting guidelines, UCDP/EAD, FHA, USDA, USPAP and FIRREA.


SmartReview reduces risk by giving lenders the ability to create risk tiers based on CU Score, appraisal findings, credit profiles and default risk.