Alternative Valuation Products

The mortgage industry is adapting and so can you. Alternative valuation products can not only save you time and money, but they are more accurate than ever before.

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Are your current systems helping you prepare for the changes to come in today's market?

We offer a suite of alternative valuation products beyond the traditional appraisal. Easily place and manage orders individually or to support an appraisal order that has already been placed.


Reliable and accurate prediction of market value, with nationwide coverage. AVMs are perfect for situations that demand highly precise and instant results.


Eliminate pre-funding uncertainty with CDAs. Re-evaluate an original appraisal so you can deliver a comprehensive loan file efficiently with a quick 1-5 day turn time. All CDA’s are completed by fully licensed real estate appraisers.


Residential BPOs are the perfect alternative to traditional appraisals. Great for origination, servicing, and investments.


For your valuation needs that don't require a traditional appraisal, you can maintain confidence and reliability through a modernized process. A hybrid appraisal combines an inspection by a highly trained inspector and the completion of a desktop valuation by a fully licensed real estate appraiser.

Data, analytics, and technology developed to transform the definition of efficiency and accuracy

Technology-assisted appraisals are powered by the integration of appraiser expertise with innovative technology to derive solutions for the obstructions of users for real estate valuations.


Ensure Compliance


Increase Efficiency


Cut Costs


Decrease Time

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