Step through the process

With automation driven by predictive analytics and artificial intelligence

Connection & Configuration

Easily set up your standardized profile to drive your business with all vendors within the network and integrate your current systems for a simplified transition.

Connect to other vendors within the network and start doing business!

Order Creation

Leverage predictive analytics and property insights to automate order creation.

  • Residential & Commercial Appraisals
  • Hybrid Appraisals
  • Automated Valuation Models (AVMs)
  • Broker Price Opinions (BPOs)
  • Collateral Desktop Analyses (CDAs)
  • Title Verification

Order Allocation

Take advantage of our machine learning algorithms to automate order allocation, driven by vendor quality, performance, and property complexity.

Our AQPM score provides you with insight into the probability that an order will be completed on time, without fee increases or underwriting revisions

Order Management

Streamline the order management and fulfillment of any valuation product. Automatically escalate orders to avoid delays in the process.

Verification of Value

Utilizing insights from property details, order details, SSR messages, lender-requirements, and more, our OCR and NLP AI-models automate and standardize collateral review across all vendors and data sources to ensure the opinion of value is supported.

Payments & Reconciliation

With integrated payment processing and invoice reconciliation, to promote seamless transactions, streamline payments the way you want them.

Vendor Management

Data neutrality leads to powerful insights into vendor quality and performance. Ensure compliance, scalability, and confidence, all while reducing risk.


Individually, they're powerful. Together, they're unique.

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