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Ensure your order volume has coverage, not only through the right AMCs and appraisers, but through advanced technology from an integrated network.

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  • Steve Sussman
    “Appraisal Vision delivered on their promise – we started seeing orders within 10 days of going live."
    Steve Sussman
  • Bryan Franks
    "We have always promised our clients that we would help optimize their performance, save time, reduce cost, and keep them compliant. Appraisal Vision is making that happen.”
    Bryan Franks
    CEO, ACT Appraisals.
  • Mike Swenson
    "I love working on appraisals received through the Appraisal Vision platform. The QC tool is great and reduces those pesky revision requests that waste my valuable time. Once I submit a report, I rarely hear back. It’s an impressive platform.”
    Mike Swenson
    Certified Appraiser, Anderson Appraisal Services

AMC Network

Access our network of top-performing AMCs through a single interface. Lenders on the Appraisal Vision platform benefit from comparative analytics to benchmark their AMCs against our network through real-time quality and performance against most markets.

Our Partners

As we cultivate partnerships across the appraisal industry, we continue to grow our network of brokers, lenders, AMCs, and appraisers. Our partners benefit from one platform to integrate their solutions and increase product application for the order, assignment, and review of any valuation product.



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