Go beyond current AMC selection methodologies. Utilize our proprietary scoring algorithm to select the best AMC for every order.

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Take the subjectivity out of the AMC selection process

Place and receive a SMARTOrder within minutes

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How it works:

  • Select the best AMC based on their AQPM Score at a state, county, or zip code level
  • Integrate with public record and MLS data to provide verified property attributes
  • Automatically generate a dynamic letter of engagement with lender and property specific instructions that will tie into the review process


  • Supports retail and wholesale lending
  • Add additional products with the click of a button
  • Ensure regulatory compliance
  • Easily manage panels
  • Standardized forms

Get SMART with AppraisalVision for Encompass©

Access the AppraisalVision AMC Network through a single interface within Encompass© to standardize how you place and manage orders. Leverage data and analytics to simplify AMC Selection and Vendor Management.

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All the benefits of SMARTOrder, none of the headaches

Can be implemented with your current process and is also integrated with TPO Connect.

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