Go beyond current appraisal report QC and underwriting processes. Standardizing reviews starts with an automated review utility driven by order details and lender specific requirements.

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Automate the collateral review of a report through the eyes of a top performing lender

Automatically SMARTReview reports for quality and valuation

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How it works:

  • Run as a service (API) or application interface
  • Generate MISMO .XML and .ENV with embedded .XML files
  • Validate report meets lender specific guidelines through thousands of automated rules
    • Powered by ACI©
    • Integrated with UCDP/EAD and Fannie Mae®'s API
    • Integrated with public record, MLS, and order details
    • Filter rules by CU® Score and LTV ratios
  • Produce a dynamic review checklist with lender and property specific findings
  • Automatically generate revision and audit reports


  • Reduce the CU® Score of each file to below 2.5
  • Expedite reviews
  • Align review priorities within a multitenant interface
  • Standardize communication
  • Directive messaging
  • Pre/post close automation
  • Validate data at upload
  • Ensure compliance, quality, and consistency
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