Vision Analytics

Gain unparalleled access, visibility, and control over your AMC's and/or appraiser’s quality and performance. Vision Analytics automates the process of managing third party providers, streamlines the appraisal process, and ensures regulatory compliance. Empower proactive analytics across a single interface for all users to gain the upper hand over competitors.

Disrupting the appraisal industry

By creating a platform to facilitate the appraisal process from start to finish, our analytics take a proactive approach to help mitigate risk of home valuation. Vision Analytics promotes better productivity and a smoother appraisal process by providing visibility into the quality and performance of lenders, appraisal management companies (AMCs), and appraisers.

Game-changing dashboards:

  • Lender, AMC, and appraiser scorecards
  • Comparative/benchmark performance

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AQPM Score

Measuring quality and performance, AQPM Score is an indicator of a lender, AMC, or appraiser’s ability to complete a high-quality order on time, without QC or underwriting revisions. Unlike traditional AMC or appraiser selection models (round-robin, % of order allocation), the AQPM Score factors in loan, form, property type, and property attributes. Other variables such as open orders, capacity, and saturation are factored in as well, to ensure the most qualified people are being chosen for the job.

Benchmark Analytics

Compare performance against the market average using several different key performance indicators (KPI) across the country or down to a zip code level. Benchmarking compares your data against AppraisalVision’s network of lenders, AMCs, and appraisers helping you gain a competitive advantage with a variety of real-time, operational dashboards. Users can set filters based on needs such as fees, average turn times, and percentage of due dates met.

Automated Selection

Feel confident in your AMC and appraiser selection. SMARTOrder and SMARTAssign utilize data and analytics to take subjectivity out of the selection process. Through the standardization of fees, the deciding factors driving assignment are placed back on metrics to help improve your business and report quality. Know what to expect ahead of time through listed AQPM Scores.

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