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A new, data-driven appraisal process for a faster, better, and cost-efficient business model.

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Boost ROI with an innovative suite of
SMART Products


Simplify valuation and vendor management.


Leverage data to make better business decisions

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How it works:

  • Order a traditional appraisal or verify value through an alternative valuation product
  • Select the best vendor based on loan, form, property type and attributes
  • Correct any order details as they relate to public record and MLS at the point of order
  • Pay vendors based on their fee tables or their market fees to reduce cures


Automatically place orders through an integration using a single interface, with our open API.

With an extensive list of mapped fields, eliminate the headache of selecting a vendor with the click of a button.


Dynamically assign and manage appraiser panels using our proprietary scoring algorithm.

AQPM Score

Automate vendor assignment

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How it works:

  • Configure assignment rules to your specifications based on
  • Watch orders go from New to Accepted instantly
    • Appraisers receive a dynamic letter of engagement with lender and property specific instructions


Automate the review of a report through the eyes of the lender and leverage directive messaging to validate data at upload.

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Ensure nothing goes unnoticed

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How it works:

  • From within the same application, appraisers and AMCs review the report prior to delivery
    • Verify report for accuracy, quality, and completeness with the help of Photo AI and automated rules
    • Run as a service (API) or application interface
    • Generate MISMO .XML and ENV with embedded .XML files
  • Automatically generate revision and audit reports
  • Eliminate the need to go back for revisions multiple times, if at all


Through a library of thousands of automated rules, you can throw away your static review checklist and spend more time on the files that matter.

  • ACI core par rule set®
  • Fannie Mae®'s API
  • Public record and MLS data
  • SMARTOrder details

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